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I believe many people childhood dream of owning a rear has four exhaust pipes, can be more than 200 kilometers per hour supercar. Time flies, when the little boy who turned into a baptism of adults in years. Do not know when the pressures of life became a daily theme. Dreams are one step is rational swallowed, while Ferrari for many people, has slowly become a luxury by dreams, but they are mechanically the car has always been obsessed with increasing because the pursuit of speed is the man indelible nature ......

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Car power substantially and 3:00 are inextricably linked, and the most direct and embodies the dynamic performance of the car is the engine Mazda 6 Fengyun naturally by the Father of the engine of the Japan Nobuhiro Hayama build a 2.0L engine described in on power and fuel consumption to find nfl jerseys china buy the golden point, which is a high-compression engine Mazda engineers also studied the intake and exhaust system is quite in-depth than the aluminum engine, S VT (VVT) variable valve timing control system , VIS variable intake manifold systems, VTCS variable swirl control system and variable intake VAD are reflected on this 2.0 engine. To know the manufacturer of the production car engine intake and exhaust system is quite rare so demanding course efforts Mazda engineers get in return is to the ultra-low fuel consumption and get as high output efficiency. Power and 183 Nm of torque of 108 kilowatts, at 2.0 displacement engine had already been regarded as a relatively good data. However, the horrible is that this LFX engine still can always burst out in 20,006,000 90 speed range of maximum torque. That said, understand the point of this engine torque at 2000 rpm later on not less than 175 Nm with a good engine gearbox also need a good support in order to fully squeeze out of all of its energy. There are 3 Mazda 6 2.0 models, two of which are equipped with 5-speed manual transmission, while another is unique in its class equipped with 6-speed manual transmission either pure manual 6-speed transmission or 5-speed hand Since one of the transmission, the Mazda 6 is equipped with gearbox four brands than other models in addition to the high level of at least one important factor in the engine and transmission, vehicle weight and power performance is also closely related. Mazda 6 six-speed manual car weight 1386KG, which best reflect the dynamic performance of power quality ratio of 0.078, the index topped 5 models in this. Mazda 6 six-speed manual speed of 211 km / h, 0-100 one hundred kilometers acceleration time of just 9.7 seconds there is nothing strange a star rating:

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The Accord has always been in the research engine attainments, this i VTEC2.0L16 valve double overhead cam engine can be regarded as one of the representative works of the highest technology of Honda, this 2.0 i VTEC engine combined with intelligent variable valve timing and lift electronic control system. By using these techniques, making this 2.0 Accord engine speed in different regions of continuous regulation of the intake valve, through the intelligent combustion control, the combustion state of the engine can always keep the best, so as to achieve the purpose of doing work efficiently Accord 2.0 i VTEC this engine rpm to achieve maximum power 110KW in 6000, while the maximum torque at 4500 rpm can climb to 186 Nm. 5-speed manual and five-speed automatic Accord a top speed of 195 km are / is on the gearbox selection, Accord 2.0 on two models were equipped with 5-speed manual transmission and five-speed automatic transmission, 5-speed manual transmission is relatively common 5-speed automatic transmission Bipasate, Mondeo, Camry more than a forward gear, as the Accord dynamic performance plus points, but only automatically without manual shift mode allows the Accord this 110KW energy created by the engine can not be fully released Accord manual models in the quality of vehicle quality for 1421KG, and quality 5-speed automatic models for 1462KG. We come to power through mass Accord 0.077 and 0.075 ratio, this result is just behind the Mazda 6 star rating:

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A total of three cars equipped with this Mondeo Duratec HE inline 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve aluminum 2.0L engine reaches its maximum power of 105 kilowatts at 6000 rpm, the maximum torque rpm 185 Nm maximum in 4500 Top speed with a 5-speed manual transmission and four-speed automatic transmission are 190 km / h. The index of the data, this 16-valve engine, although common, but because of the Mondeo's engine uses a lighter aluminum alloy material, so that the engine vibrations substantially reduced in the process of moving to improve the energy conversion in the selection of transmission capacity on Mondeo 3 models were equipped with 5-speed manual transmission and intelligent MTX75 type 4-speed automatic transmission. Competitive four-speed automatic transmission weaker, while the 5-speed Mondeo equipped MTX75 classic type transmission GFT by the German name of plant design, this transmission gear stroke is shorter, there is inhaled into the file at the time of flu, is a classic 5-speed Mondeo 5-speed manual transmission, one classic type of vehicle quality for 1435KG, and equipped elite and distinguished type of vehicle quality 4-speed automatic transmission reached 1445KG. Mondeo power mass ratio of 0.073,5 speed manual 0-100 km acceleration time of 11.8 seconds, four-speed automatic 13.8 seconds star rating:

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Camry equipped with this 1AZ FE 16-valve inline four-cylinder DOHC VVT i engine from the Camry previous L45S FE2.2L extending from the engine, the engine maximum power of 108KW, the maximum torque at 4,000 rpm in performance reaches 190 Nm, apparently Camry this engine are more focused on the low-speed performance, while the Camry a top speed of 196 km / h can also meet the needs of users Camry more to provide users with a comfortable driving environment, gives atmosphere, stable feeling. 2.0 displacement of two models are equipped with four-speed automatic transmission. At the same time ensure a comfortable driving environment, at the expense of power, this is also positioning Camry have a certain relationship.

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